Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Use the power of data to grow your business

Payment data analysed to the last detail

We make sure we don’t only process the payment data but also analyse it to help you understand, optimise and grow your business.

We know how important it is to understand key aspects influencing your bottomline: success rate (overall, per country, per payment method or even more granular), fraud and chargeback rates as well as data behind approvals and declines. And we analyse them for you so you can make informed business decisions.

Plus, we can fully customise the analysis and reports to fit your business specifics. Just tell us what you need!

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Checkout Analytics

Our Customer Analytics Tool will provide you with conversion and drop off metrics related to the Checkout Pages. The metrics are presented in a graphical way using Google Analytics. You can also receive tracking data pushed to your own analytics tool.

Data-rich customer analytics will give you a better understanding of your Checkout so you can drive enhancements on conversion!

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Key Benefits

360-degree view of your payment data

Success rate analysis

Charge back and fraud rate analysis

Approval and decline analysis

Checkout analysis

Customised reports

Want to make it simple for your customers to pay you?