Risk Engine

Risk management platform

Keep fraud at bay

Minimise risk, maximise conversion

With as many as 100 rules to screen both deposits and payouts we help you protect your business without compromising on revenue. Rules can be configured automatically to white- or blacklist certain transaction parameters, e.g. card number, IP address and much more. With our tools, combatting fraud is simple and helps reduce costs that come with it.

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Minimise chargebacks

Our experienced team of risk experts will help you monitor chargebacks on your overall portfolio to keep them at a minimum level and avoid costs that come with it. Plus, they will help you reduce false positives and adverse effects on genuine customers.

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Smart 3DSecure Logic

Our approach to 3DSecure will help you minimise negative effects on conversion and revenue as a result. Using the smart logic you can dynamically set up different scenarios and parameters, e.g. issuing bank, amount, transaction velocity, etc. to decide if 3DSecure authentication should be applied or not.

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Key Benefits

Chargebacks reduced to a minimum

Risk assessment workshops

Prevent long-time customers to be adversely affected

No drop in conversions

We will advise you every step of the way

Keep your business safe

Want to make it simple for your customers to pay you?

Unique Payment Scoring Platform

Using our in-house tool, we automatically pass every transaction you make through a range of checks to verify if it matches any fraudulent pattern.

Risk Checks

Our risk rule engine combines the value of different events and may block a transaction if different risk indicators appear at the same time.

3D Secure

Our smart approach to 3DSecure will help you combine increased security with no drop in conversion.